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The Festival of World Cups was a series of Rugby League World Cups first held in Australia during 2008. 

The Festival was being staged in Australia during 2008 to coincide with their Centenary of Rugby League celebrations. The centrepiece of the Festival was the men's 2008 Rugby League World Cup. In addition to this tournament, there were also World Cups being held for Student, Police, Women, Armed Forces and Wheelchair teams.

With the Men's World Cup due to be staged in England & Wales in Autumn 2013, the Festival of World Cups returns and will take place in July 2013, with all five competitions taking place. 


Our Vision


Our vision is to run successful and sustainable World Cup Festivals which further enhances the international prestige of Rugby League.

Our Objectives

Hosting the Rugby League World Cup Festivals in the UK in 2013 will have significant strategic benefit to the Rugby League International Federation:

  • Build on Rugby League World Cup Festivals in 2008 to further raise the profile of international rugby league.
  • Creating sustainable festivals to benefit the RLIF’s and RLEF’s development of the game worldwide.
  • Establish the Rugby League World Cup Festivals as events which are played in the same year as the Senior World Cup.
  • Creating sustainable development of the Community Game
  • Promote the celebration of the “family” of rugby league and its heritage
  • Encourage participation in the festival in countries who may not automatically enter a World Cup.

Domestically the RFL’s strategic objectives in securing the Rugby League World Cup Festivals for the UK are as follows:

  • Increase the profile of the sport in the UK
  • Increase participation in the sport in the UK
  • Provide reward and recognition for the players participating in the Community Game.
  • Deliver social and community benefit through core and associated activities
  • Leave a legacy for the sport in the UK 


Women's World Cup Champions

2008 - New Zealand
2005 - New Zealand
2000 - New Zealand 

Wheelchair World Cup Champions

2008 - England

Student World Cup Champions

2008 - Australia
2005 - New Zealand
1999 - New Zealand
1996 - Australia
1992 - Australia
1989 - Australia
1986 - New Zealand 

Forces World Cup Champions

2008 - Great Britain

Police World Cup Champions

2008 - Fiji