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Festival of World Cups Volunteer Programme

Welcome to the volunteer information page for the Festival of World Cups. This page is the hub for all information in relation to the programme and aims to answer any questions you might have. If you do have any questions after browsing this page then please use either of the contacts to the right of this page.




There will be a briefing taking place on Saturday 15th June at Old Trafford. For those who are involved in the Rugby League world Cup this will follow on from their session. For those of you who aren’t involved in this event the FOWC briefing will start at 2pm. If you require information on this briefing or to send apologies then please contact danny.mcneice@rfl.uk.com


Shift Patterns

All volunteers can access their allocated shifts using the document on the right hand side of this page. Once volunteers know their shift then they need to accept or decline the shift by contacting Anthony.atherton@rfl.uk.com as soon as possible. If you can not do a shift for whatever reason then we appreciate that so all we ask is that you let Anthony know as soon as possible. We might also be looking for people to take on extra shifts to cover for those who can’t. please let Anthony know if there are any dates you can do for which you have not been allocated a shift.



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Kit will be distributed on your first shift. At each ground we will have a designated accreditation point. You will need to head there and the desk operator will hand you your kit and your accreditation. Space for getting changed and the storage of bags will be provided. For each additional shift you will need to wear your kit on arrival and bring your previous accreditation with you and it will be updated. Please could you let Anthony Atherton know your kit size when you accept your shifts.

Key Contacts

The key contacts for all volunteers in the Festival of World Cups are:


New volunteers, liaision officers and general enquries please contact Danny McNeice on danny.mcneice@rfl.uk.com


Enquiries from existing volunteers please contact Anthony Atherton on anthony.atherton@rfl.uk.com